General Information

General Information
Opening Times @7:00am - 7:00pm
Numbers of Children Accepted @60
Target Age @Aged 6 mths. - 2 yrs.
Number of classes @5 classes
Facility Structure @Three-story reinforced concrete building
Date of Foundation @August 1st, 1974

Executive Director
Masako Matsumura
Joined on March 1st, 1962.
Ms. Matsumura is now the Executive Director of Kazenoko Baby Home, after working at Kazenoko Hoikuen, Kazenoko Baby Home, Awaji Kodomoen, Kazenoko Sodachien and Work Center Hoshin.
(One of the founders of Suisen Fukushikai.)

Facility Information


Entrance lobby

Childcare room@

Childcare roomA

Childcare roomB

Childcare roomC


A room with an air purifier and humidifier
for sanitary conditions


Sundeck on the 2nd floor

Rooftop (There is a similar space
on the right side.)

Rooftop (There is a similar space

Security camera for the entrance lobby.

Security camera in front of the entrance.

Security camera for the playground.

Security camera for the entrance of the playground.

Please note that for security reasons we cannot show the layout plans of each room .

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Operated by
Social Welfare Corporation SUISEN FUKUSHIKAI
Kazenoko Baby Home 1-14-12 Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0004
TEL.06-6328-3788@ 050-3541-8070@FAX.06-6328-3833