Accepting complaints & Recording correspondence


Reception date May 28th
Applicant Our neighborhood resident
Content Ifve had enough of bad manners, with guardians making U-turns in my parking space and parking their bicycles on rainy days without asking when bringing or picking up their child.
Correspondent We immediately went to visit the neighbor and apologized.
Measure We put up a notice and addressed the issue with the guardians.

Reception date June 1st
Applicant Hoikuen's guardian
Content The guardian who lives in a house behind the new daycare center which is under construction told us that the construction company broke the guardianfs bay window and caused trouble.
Correspondent The executive director of our head office received details from the company and spoke to the guardian.
Measure The executive director ordered the company to deal with the issue and reported back to the guardian.

Reception date July 23rd
Applicant A guardian
Content The guardian feels uncomfortable whenever staff ask what is going on when she brings her child in early or picks her up late even though she knows the childcare hours for mothers on maternity leave is from 9:30 to 16:00.
Correspondent We apologized for making her feel uncomfortable, but also explained the guidelines for childcare hours for mothers on maternity leave.
Measure We will try to create a conversable atmosphere for guardians and try to be flexible in case mothers have difficulties adjusting to the time schedule.

Reception date September 15th
Applicant A guardian
Content I am troubled by the internal bread sale at the centerfs entrance, as we have to pass by it every time we leave the building and my child always wants it. Could you do something about it, because my child wonft be able to eat dinner if I buy it?
Correspondent We talked to the guardian.We explained the meaning of the bread sale to the guardian-that our corporation also has a daycare center for adults with intellectual disabilities and as part of their work, they sell to the different centers. At the same time, we listened to the motherfs difficulties in raising her child who was becoming more assertive.
Measure We recommended them to go through a different exit at the front of the head office.

Reception date October 5th
Applicant A guardian
Content My child caught a finger in the door during childcare, but I only heard this from a member of staff, and not the chief staff the next day. What kind of cooperation and report is occurring among the staff and classes.
Correspondent We visited the childfs house and checked the degree of injury. We apologized for the miscommunication between the staff and chief staff and explained the situation in detail.
Measure We had a meeting with each class so that such acts were not repeated in the future and reconfirmed the best method of cooperation.

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