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The taste of lunch is important as well as how it looks. We give it a twist of color and presentation and also try to use ceramic bowls and lacquer ware as much as possible.
Osaka city granted gThe excellent institution for environmental sanitation and food sanitationh to Kazenoko Hoikuen and Kazenoko Baby Home. This is especially granted to the excellent institution for sanitary management.


Menu iEx.j
yValentine Day snackz
Banana cake
yNew Yearfs menuz Rice, chicken stew with carrots,
burdock, and lotus root, cooked black soybeans, red and white (shredded carrots and daikon) salad, small dried sardines, mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts, and rice cake soup
For snack: mandarin oranges and cookies

Year-crossing udon noodles, Chinese style fried sweet potatoes, and bananas
For snack: fried bread sticks

Bibimbap, yacon saute with oyster sauce,
and seaweed soup
For snack: macaroni with roasted soybean powder
and sugar

Focaccia, pot-au-feu, vermicelli salad, and banana
For snack: cheese risotto

Chunky vegetable curry, burdock root salad,
and orange
For snack: yogurt and cookies

Seaweed rice, Grilled fish in Kabayaki style,
cooked red kidney beans, and Noppei soup
For snack: Dried fruits

Checking how many meals each class needs.
Making a lot of miso soup in a big pot.

Dividing grilled fish carefully.

Using kitchen scissors to cut into small pieces.

In this way, we note dietary requirements clearly.

Allergy checks for the bread received
from the Work Center Hoshin.

Dividing up the tasks and getting to work.

Tasting the food to make it delicious and safe.


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